As firestop specialists, our fire containment services include:

  • Fire Containment Consultations and Third Party Inspections
    We offer step-by-step fire containment consultation before, during and after construction as well as during renovation projects.
  • Surveys
    Our surveys of existing or new construction include digital photos and a written report with recommendation and cost estimates.
  • Time and Material Installations
    Carolina Insulation ensures quality work on firestopping applications in existing or new buildings.
  • Engineering Judgments
    We provide engineering judgments that are based on tested UL systems and the IFC Guidelines
  • Top of Wall and Vertical Joints
  • Construction Seismic and Expansion joints
  • Grease ducts and plenum wrap
  • Thorough penetration seals
  • Retro-fit and Blank openings Firestop gallery